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"A strange noir mystery that is truly baffling, yet curiously entertaining."
-- Tim Wood, The Cape Cod Chronicle
'Middle-of-the-night black, moonlight white and cold gray have never been so eerily orchestrated as they are in Staake's superb drawings for his chilling tale, 'The Orb of Chatham'. Your eyes will feast and your skin will crawl."
--Michael Keegan, The Washington Post

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Unlock The Orb Code


If you hold 'The Orb Of Chatham' book in your hands, then click here to Unlock The Code


Are you brave and smart enough to go inside 'The Orb of Chatham'?

Many secrets hide deep within the pages of the book -- and solving the clues will unlock the Orb itself.

But to enter this secret area, you must first hold a copy of 'The Orb of Chatham' in your hands -- for the artwork in the book contains a mysterious code.

Since the book includes a secret code in its artwork, it is impossible to unlock the mystery without holding the book in your hands.

However, when you unlock the code, you will discover photos, research and disturbing evidence that proves the existence of 'The Orb Of Chatham'.



Here are some samples of what you will find when you unlock 'The Orb of Chatham' Code:

Fascinating Vintage Postcards:

After the publication of 'The Orb of Chatham', Bill Richards, the son of a printer's assistant for the 'American Postcard Company', discovered a rejected printer's "proof" that was never published -- until now.

"Many people are familiar with the famous postcard showing the 1907 wreck of the S.S. Onondaga off the coast of Chatham", says Richards, "but while that the real postcard shows the grounded ship in the crashing surf, it does not include what appears to be a large ball near the shoreline -- as it does in this printer's proof. I can only assume my father was asked to retouch the photo and eliminate the ball -- probably for nothing more than aesthetic reasons -- but once I read 'The Orb of Chatham', I immediately recalled this image and thought you would be interested in seeing it. I can't verify that the object depicted in this photo is indeed 'The Orb of Chatham', but I can't disprove it, either."

If you hold 'The Orb Of Chatham' book in your hands, then click here to Unlock The Code


Detailed Witness Biographies:

On a summer night in 1935, five residents of Chatham, Massachusetts, reported witnessing a large, mysterious "orb" moving through the small fishing village on the elbow of Cape Cod. When the reports were made at sunrise, authorities immediately dismissed them as a hoax. Two months later, all five witnesses vanished -- on the same October 1935 evening -- never to be seen again.

But the personal stories of the 'Chatham Five' witnesses are so eery, so mysterious, so disturbing that they are sure to make even the most skeptical a soul believer in 'The Orb Of Chatham'.

Pictured at left: Margaret Snow. Of the five Chathamites who reported witnessing the Orb on August 14, 1935, she was the last to make an official report to town authorities.

Which of the Chatham Five...

... was found to have sketchbooks filled with drawings of orbs in Chatham locations that were dated three yeears before the 1935 sightings?

... was given an Art Deco hat pin with a rare black (orb-like) pearl as a gift by one of the other witnesses?

... reported that when the clock tower rang and echoed off the hovering orb, it sounded like "an iron ship hull being clanged under water with an with anvil."?

... would pull lobster traps from Chatham's waters after the Orb sightings that appeared to have been 'crushed' by something "that had to weigh more than a ton"?


If you hold 'The Orb Of Chatham' book in your hands, then click here to Unlock The Code


The Depth Of Plot:

A disturbingly odd photo depicting an unknown woman is found in the Snow mansion, on the back are pasted-on photos of barns, dirigibles, even a 1927 farthing.

This singular piece of evidence could shed completely new light on 'The Orb Of Chatham' mystery - but did authorities ever see this curious item after the 'Chatham Five' disappeared?

If you hold 'The Orb Of Chatham' book in your hands, then click here to Unlock The Code

Puzzling "Evidence":

Chatham's venerable Eldredge Public Library on Main Street. The library sits across the street from the First United Methodist Church where William "Gus" Nickerson reported to have seen the Orb hovering above the church tower. This hand-colored card was reproduced in 1938, but was not widely circulated. The postcard has been determined to be a hoax -- likely designed to capitalize on 'The Orb of Chatham' mystery. It was discovered being auctioned on ebay -- and was purchased for a mere $4.

If you hold 'The Orb Of Chatham' book in your hands, then click here to Unlock The Code

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, the reports were made upon daylight, though local authorities dismissed them a hoax.

Still, the witnesses' independent accounts were virtually identical; the orb appeared to be made of blackened metal, perhaps six feet tall, and traveled in absolute silence by rolling (though one witness reported spotting the orb "hovering" in the air above a local church).

Two months later, all five witnesses vanished -- on the same October evening -- never to be seen again.

Whether 'The Orb Of Chatham' is truth or fiction remains a mystery to this day.