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Unlocking The Code:

Stage Two: Solving The Riddles

Unlocking the code requires numbers -- a FIVE DIGIT secret combination, if you will.

You must determine an exact number for each of the five riddles -- then total them -- to get a final code number.

The answers to these cryptic riddles can be found in the artwork on the pages of 'The Orb Of Chatham'

Jot down your answers to the each of the five riddles on a piece of paper, then total them to arrive at a final, FIVE DIGIT number


You may now begin:


Riddle 1:

Eighth Soul aims left? Then write down 10844

Height Soul aims right? Then write down 10488

Write down the answer to Riddle Number 1:


Riddle 2:

On liquid they float alongside of a pier.

If they total more than six, mark down 3483

If they total 6 or less, jot down 3527

Write down the answer to Riddle Number 2:


Riddle 3:

The sound of the hour, it peals in the night

This number you add to the box at the right.

Write down the answer to Riddle Number 3:


Riddle 4:

Between the two trees, they sit on a pitch

They smoke in the winter, and warm the cold rich.

How many are seen in this halting scene?

Write down the answer to Riddle Number 4:


Riddle 5:

It sits before manse, and studies the glow.

Pane-fully odd? Put down a 405

Pane-fully even? Then write down 805

Write down the answer to Riddle Number 5:


Okay, ready to try and Unlock The Orb?


1:Total all five answers to get one final number and type it into the box below:

2: Now click the submit button

3: If your number is correct, you will have unlocked The Code and entered The Orb Of Chatham. If not, you will receive an error message and must try again to solve the riddles found on this page.

Having Problems?

Don't give up. You can solve this puzzle, but you need to hold The Orb Of Chatham book in your hands to do so.

You may also find helpful hints on 'The Orb of Chatham' blog site


But how do your code-solving skills rate? We've created this general guide for 'Orb of Chatham' code-solving cryptologists:

2-3 hours: Dedicated Mystery-Solver

1-2 hours: Hard Working Clue-Seeker

Less than 1 hour: World-Class Cryptologist

Less than 30 minutes: Puzzle-Brain

Less than 15 minutes: Riddle Genius


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, the reports were made upon daylight, though local authorities dismissed them a hoax.

Still, the witnesses' independent accounts were virtually identical; the orb appeared to be made of blackened metal, perhaps six feet tall, and traveled in absolute silence by rolling (though one witness reported spotting the orb "hovering" in the air above a local church).

Two months later, all five witnesses vanished -- on the same October evening -- never to be seen again.

Whether 'The Orb Of Chatham' is truth or fiction remains a mystery to this day.